photographed with a 35mm camera and a medium format camera


“The thing that I relish in this world most is my Johnny, and the thing that I relish most in this world is my Dianne”. Home isn’t necessarily a location but is more of a feeling when you are with the people you love and who support you through thick and thin. This reciprocation of feeling is the reason why these photographs even exist. Because of one man and one woman’s love for each other, these people and locations are a place that I am privileged to call home.These photographs were taken on Staten Island, New York from January to April of 2017. In this work, I show the two couples, and the legacy they have left on the Staten Island suburban landscape. They have shown me what it means to love and to be loved. Through these candid images of my family members and the carefully constructed images of the landscape, I wish to show the people who have positively affected the Island and have created a place where future generations of families can be able to call home. Each of these zoomed in landscape photographs are things that were made or placed there by my family members and have remained there since they first moved onto the Island, like the metal shed and the deer antlers.Through this work, it is my hope to show what I can only anticipate my cousin may be able to do for her future family, and the landscape that I have grown so near and dear to.

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